Data Access Management

SpectX makes it easy to ensure that the right individuals access the right data resources at the right times and for the right reasons  (definition by Gartner)
SpectX acts as a central platform for managing access to a variety of technology environments (on-prem log servers, databases, distributed data sets across clusters, cloud storages).

Many different authentication methods can be used to manage user access for SpectX browser-based interface. Active Directory groups and subgroups but also additional LDAP queries can be set up to fine-tune users' access to SpectX even further.
Additionally, the API authentication uses a separate authentication mechanism and allows exposing data or integrating systems in a controlled manner while producing a solid audit trail. As a result, admins can ensure that users access data only on a need-to-know basis, having anonymised or carefully chosen data elements returned as query results.

Once authenticated, SpectX gives admins flexible options for managing user roles and customising access rights both to data in datastores as well as SpectX' resources (scripts, patterns, datastore configurations). You can easily separate the roles of
1) configuring source data,
2) writing queries and 
3) executing queries without seeing the contents of the query nor the specifics of the datastore.
Users with limited rights might only see a very limited and masked/anonymized query result (eg. no full IPs or exact timestamps, only the hour and/or a response message, etc)

All activities in SpectX produce audit logs, query execution logs so that there's always an auditable trail of who accessed what and when across your data resources.

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