Rosbag Analyzer

Rosbag is a file format produced by the Robot Operating System (ROS), an open-source meta-operating system used widely in the robotics industry.
SpectX is one of the few tools that can parse .bag files quickly at a large scale. By running advanced queries, developers can gain detailed insights into the performance of their devices and filter specific records (e.g. "Give me all the events across different topics just before the crash?"). We've prepared a set of query examples for you to try on either on public rosbag datasets or your own files.

To analyze your rosbag records with SpectX:

1. Download and install the free desktop edition of SpectX
2. Navigate to your .bag files using the Input Data browser. If the files are stored in a remote server or cloud, create a new datastore in SpectX
3. Download the SpectX Rosbag query pack from Github 
  • right-click on a folder in the SpectX resource tree and pick Upload
  • Choose the query pack you just downloaded
  • Replace the URI with the path to your .bag files or the datastore you just created (right-click on the datastore > properties). 
Alternatively, book a demo and we'll tell you more about SpectX and what it can do with .bag files.

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